Monday, October 17, 2011

Mojo, Derek and Me

It's been a while since I last broke something, probably 6 weeks ago, so it is high time for an update on the situation..

Lately a lot of stuff has been changing - life as I know it really. It's already the end of Semester 2 and I leave for Wellington in 28 days. Scarfie life by it's very nature is always changing and I absolutely thrive on it. You never know what's going to happen next or who you're going to meet...

I've decided I am not racing or training in the traditional sense this year. I'll be reccie racing purely for the fun of it - like the old days, with no expectations, no pressure, just great rides with even greater people. This is why I started racing in the first place and I feel I need to get back to that place and just enjoy the freedom that is mountain biking.

Initially I thought it would still be possible to race and train at the high level but it would take quite a bit more than I'm willing to give at the moment. When I was off with the broken collarbone I was going out running rather than sitting inside on the windtrainer like I "should" have been, which was a pretty good indication of where my heart truly lies, no matter what I tried to tell myself I should have been doing. I have since sold the windtrainer, casual hundy buckie right there, cher boy!

So instead of training I'm going to accept I may not be as fast as I could be, but that's ok. In fact that's great, because it means I can go tramping on the weekends, go running up Ross Creek with my flatties, start road running again, go on 5hr epic rides, race club races and ride with the girls again. It also gives me more time to appreciate the fading days that is Scarfiedom,  Six60 days in the sun, great parties, and even better mates that come with it. We have a truly unique lifestyle down here in Otago and I'm pretty proud to have been a part of it. 

Carpe diem baby!

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