Bike Otago are my shop sponsors and have been the driving force behind my riding and racing. They are so much fun, can fix anything and everything and are really supportive. I'll tell you a little about the team!

Justin Leov Justin races professionally for Trek World Racing as a Downhiller. He spends half of his time overseas and the other half of his time in NZ. He has been on the scene since forever and is Professional as it gets!

Greg Leov This man is trouble - often seen on the shop floor, but more often than not relegated to the workshop due to him "being funny". He secretly knows a lot about bikes. One day the joke will be on you Magnum!

Nola Leov She is the Mum of Bike O and matron of the Leov boys. When she isn't keeping Greg in line, she likes to walk her dogs in her spare time and is  rumoured to be a primo cook!

Kay Burrows Kay is a very cultured person. Originally from England, imported to Auckland now residing in Dunners, there's nothing this girly does not know about bikes. She races downhill and is awesome at doing "mad hucks"!

Fie Armon Fie has recently taken on the massive job of being a lovely wife to head mechanic, Brent. As a trained Vet-Nurse Fi is great with animals. She moonlights as an artist in her art room.

Brent Armon Brent has been on the downhill scene since it started and has spent a lot of time cleaning up the trophies around the country. He is also, luckily, pretty damn good at fixing bikes. A big Shimano/Fox fan and husband to Fie.

Joel Anderson Joel is the youngest and most muscley gun at the shop, but not young enough to qualify for U-23. He keeps the old kids honest and spends most of his time building bikes. He is a closet roadie and XC racer - in a stable of downhillers - good luck boy!

Jarna McKenzie Jarna has been all around the world and used to be the mechanic for Emmeline Ragot's team. He has spent the last 6 years experiencing Summer in Canada and Queenstown. He fixes bikes good and proper.

If you want to meet the famous 8 you are welcome to swing by on Great King St, make sure you play a prank on Greg!

L-R: Fi, Brent, Greg, Nola, Joel and Jarna